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The Friends of the Detroit River envisions an ever improving quality of life for people, plants and animals in southeast Michigan and southwest Ontario. We will do that through the development of a balance of grass roots advocacy and staffed programs, forming an environmental group that watches and protects the Detroit River. Our efforts will include the creation of a highly visible resource center focusing on Detroit River issues, programs, research, policies and partnerships.

The Detroit Riverkeeper Program

The heart of what the Friends of the Detroit River (FDR) is all about is the Detroit Riverkeeper Program. The Detroit Riverkeeper Program was established in the fall of 2002, when FDR's program was accepted as a member of the international organization known as the Waterkeeper Alliance. The celebration of the establishment of the Riverkeeper Program that fall was attended by Robert Kennedy, Jr., as a representative of the Alliance. The Friends of the Detroit River is a citizens' advocacy group, and the Riverkeeper Program serves as our most visible program to protect the interests of the river and the citizens of the surrounding community. There is a paid staff member, the Detroit Riverkeeper, who patrols the river in our Riverkeeper boat, and serves as the "eyes and ears" of the citizens of the river community. The Riverkeeper also works closely with various state and federal agencies, as well as local watershed groups, non-profit organizations, elected officials, and citizens to ensure that our interests in the preservation and improvement of the Detroit River are protected. READ MORE

The Detroit River Riverkeeper

The Detroit Riverkeeper

Restoring Fish and Wildlife Habitat on the Detroit River

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October 9, 2021 at 6:00 PM


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Hennepin Marsh Virtual Public meeting August 5th