Photo of Detroit River Wildlife and Habitat Restoration Organization

P.A.C. - Detroit River Advisory Council

The Detroit River Public Advisory Council (P.A.C.) was established in 1991 in conjunction with the Great Lakes Areas of Concern Program to facilitate public involvement in cleanup efforts due to legacy contaminants and environmental issues. The P.A.C. provides advice to state and federal agencies on issues of concern to local communities and reviews and helps write the Remedial Action Plan. Members of the P.A.C. are broadly representative of stakeholders in the Detroit River Area of Concern. The Friends of the Detroit River (FDR) has assisted the P.A.C. since its inception and currently serves as fiduciary and supports numerous P.A.C. projects through grant management and administrative assistance. Projects such as the Pre-Assessment of Priority Areas for Sediment Remediation in the Detroit River and habitat restoration at Belle Isle's Blue Heron Lagoon and South Fishing Pier would not have been possible without the leadership and support of FDR.

P.A.C. Meetings

The P.A.C. typically meets every other month on the third Monday. They are open to all those interested in learning more about our restoration activities and helping to achieve our goals. If you would like to receive notices about future meetings, please e-mail Tricia Blicharski.

The Detroit River Public Advisory Council (P.A.C.)